In need of a present that speaks Hebrew?
The “Show your roots” romantic in Hebrew Planters collection, carries four different Hebrew sayings.

A beautiful reminder of your connection to the Hebrew and Jewish world, right there in your home.
Sets of three ceramic stones that come together to complete an idiom.

A Mezuzah is a classic Jewish housewarming gift. It is solidly built and has a rustic charm and interesting old world craftsmanship look to it.

The “Savta Mug Collection” are mugs with “The Best Grandmother” or “The Best Grandfather” written on them, in Hebrew.
A beautiful reminder of your love, in their day to day routine.

A perfect gift for the design mindful Jewish hostess.
Those coasters are at least 3.5″ wide so that they can accommodate a wine bottle or a wide honey jar, as well as double as a Spoon rest on the table or near a stove.

"I love you" in Hebrew or English. Or personalized with the names of the Jewish couple, with their names in Hebrew. Made to be treasured forever.

The perfect gift for the Vegans in your life.
A beautiful mug that affirms belief, and declares lifestyle choices.